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Dear Students,

It is well established fact that technological, advancement has made the human life comfortable and has made him machine dependent with reduced physical activity and enhanced mental activity. This imbalance in physical and mental activity has passed way for health hazards and resulting in increased non communicable disease such as obesity, Asthma , cancer, diabetes , cardio vascular disease, and mental health etc. apart from various contagious diseases.

Modern medical system through continuous research, inventions are unveiled regularly to address various health issues, but complete cure/ prevention is yet to be achieved, the other important issues linked with the modern medicine system is the side effects. It is a well know fact that, even before the invention of modern system, the diseases were treated using traditional holistic system of medicine for toning body and mind. Other important fact is that advancement in medical technology has not helped in decreasing the cast of extending medical treatment, which is a great treat to the exchequer of individuals and nations at large.

The ancient tradition system of health, emphasis more on the life style in preventing and controlling most of the non communicable diseases (NCD’s) as result there is more and more demand to understand and practice traditional system of health.

So We are presenting a platform for those people who want to make a future in naturopathy and yoga. Our passion to match the right people to right job has helped us to open nature education

India has always had an outstanding position in Education, Music, Yoga, literature, Art, and Culture since time immemorial. People across the world came to India in search of spiritual knowledge, education and inspiration.

I wish the students all the very best in their future endeavors and grand success to the faculties in their efforts to impart excellent education. God Bless.

         Dr. Dinesh Kumar Shukla
            (Founder Cum CEO)