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The All India Naturopathy and Yoga Education Council is established in 2020 under the company act, 2013 now repealed, with the main function of establishing uniform standards of higher qualification in Naturopathy and recognition of Naturopathy qualifications in India and Abroad . The number of Naturopathy Colleges had increased steadily during the years after independence. 

The objectives of the council are as follows:- 

            1.   To provide facility of naturopathy and yoga education for all classes and masses of society. Naturopathy and yoga education include all approved and recognized method of education.

            2.   To provide Social welfare activities, facilities of research and entertainment services related naturopathy and yoga education for the uplifting of the society.

            3.   To provide facility of relating to naturopathy and yoga education training or talent development at all levels of literacy amongst all segments and topographic of the society .

           4.    To provide recreational facilities both indoor and outdoor and to provide grocery, provisions, medical and other household goods of daily necessities at subsidized rates.

           5.    To provide education academic and  vocational courses and to conduct examinations and to award degrees , diplomas, scholarships, prizes  and cash assistance in such forms and manner as may be decided by the council . 

         6.   To work with global consultants, Sector associations as well as expert from national and international agencies associated with research and development, training, skill development , courses , accreditation or other required specializations in the sector.

       7.  To collect fee including membership fee, service charges, consultancy charges, compensations or other monies as may be required in due course of functioning of the council and in furtherance of its objects.

         8.   To construct or provide accommodation or other suitable rooms , building , places and to permit the same or part thereof to be used on such items and conditions and for any performance of meetings exhibitions , concerts , lectures , library , refreshment rooms , dressing rooms and to furnish the same with furniture , implements , machinery and conveniences as may be deemed desirable and provide garden , green houses parks for recreation and amusement and entertainment.

         9.   To issue certificate and mark sheet for related to naturopathy and yoga education for the uplifting of the society as per norms.

       10.   To established membership body related to naturopathy and yoga education and provides membership after registration of the above said qualified persons. , To appoint comedies, advisory boards, governing body for any institution, established, run and maintain by the council.

All India Naturopathy and Yoga Education Council is registered with Govt. of India vide License no - 117138, ISO No -   IN13476A an ISO: 9001:2015 Certified organization. Council has QCI Membership No: CORP/NGO/5481/2019-20 (Quality Council of India) and also Registered in Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. Of India. Vide UAN No- UP73D0004729 All India Naturopathy and Yoga Education Council is registered in NITI Aayog (Govt. of India) with Unique id- UP/2020/049251  .PAN (Permanent Account Number ) - AATCA0417D AND TAN (Tax Deduction And Collection Account Number) - LKNA13670G.